Warehouse Inventory Tracking System (WITS) is designed by your software development company in the Philippines, 3M Electronix to significantly reduce the amount of time spent auditing and locating Stocks by smoothing the process, improving accuracy, and automating the reconciliation process. RFID provides a significant performance improvement compared to manual and barcode processes by eliminating human error and drastically reducing man-power.

Unlike manual and barcode Stock tracking processes that require you to physically locate and visually read or scan each individual Stock tag one at a time, multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously.
Warehouse Inventory Tracking System 3m electronix cebu philippines software development company

Problems Encountered During Actual Inventory

  • Manual counting is very tedious and would easily result to errors.
  • Needs longer time
  • Needs additional manpower and cost
  • Inventory report is NOT 100% reliable
With WITS you will no longer encounter this problem, and save you a lot of time and manpower, and be able to do more for your business growth.



Main Features of the Warehouse Inventory Tracking System

WITS aims to help you keep track of everything in less amount of time and with these features our system can surely help you and your people do more things accurately.
  1. Automates warehouse inventory audit
  2. Locates missing stocks
  3. Real-time Physical Count
  4. Web-based application: no software to install for each user, available remotely
  5. Easily  exports data for other back-end systems
You may also request additional features to be added, just let us know what other features you wish to have.

Fundamental Warehouse Inventory - Tracking Flow

  1. Entry of Incoming Stocks to the System
  2. System Automatically Assigns RFID tags
  3. Generation of Barcode or QR code (optional)
  4. Physical Count/Inventory
  5. Generation of Reports

WITS System Reports

Our WITS can generate the following reports for you to keep track of everything.
  • Warehouse Inventory Tracking Report
  • Transfer of Stocks
  • Receiving of Stocks
  • Stock on Hand
Client may also request customized reports for their business needs.

Clients Using Warehouse Inventory Tracking System (WITS)

Warehouse Inventory Tracking System WITS clients that use 3m electronix software development company in Cebu Philippines