Automated Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAR-System) is designed by 3M Electronix to significantly reduce the amount of time spent auditing and locating assets by smoothing  the process, improving accuracy, and automating the reconciliation process. RFID provides a significant performance improvement compared to manual and barcode processes by eliminating human error and drastically reducing man-power.

Unlike manual and barcode asset tracking processes that require you to physically locate and visually read or scan each individual asset tag one at a time, multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously.

Automated Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAR-System) 3M Electronix Cebu Philippines software development company

Problems Encountered During Actual Inventory

  • Manual counting is very tedious and would easily result to errors.
  • Needs longer time
  • Needs additional manpower and cost
  • Inventory report is NOT 100% reliable



Main Feature of the Automated FAR System

  1. Automates fixed asset inventory audit
  2. Locates missing assets
  3. Real-time Physical Count
  4. Web-based application: no software to install for each user, available remotely
  5. Easily  exports data for other back-end systems


  • Asset Inventory
  • Book Value of Assets (Lapsing Schedule)
  • Transfer of Assets
  • Relocated Assets
  • Asset Repair
  • Disposal of Assets

Clients Using our Automated Fixed Asset Inventory System (FAR-System)

Automated Fixed Asset Inventory System FAR clients that use 3m electronix software development company in Cebu Philippines